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Company News About Installation Steps and Precautions for Outdoor LED Display Screen
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Installation Steps and Precautions for Outdoor LED Display Screen

Latest company news about Installation Steps and Precautions for Outdoor LED Display Screen

LED display screen is actually a new type of electronic device made of light emitting diodes arranged in a certain order, mainly used for "imaging", and its advantages are: high brightness, wide viewing angle, and long life. Therefore, most outdoor advertising screens are made of LED screens.


What is an outdoor LED display screen?


Outdoor LED display screens, as the name suggests, are LED displays installed and used outdoors. Outdoor LED display screens are the main carrier and means of outdoor display advertising at present and in the future. Currently, with the widespread application of outdoor LED screens, major customers have not only put forward requirements for beautiful appearance, but also have stricter requirements for installation quality and method. Below, I will share with friends the installation method of outdoor LED screens and the matters needing attention during the installation process. What are the installation steps for outdoor LED display screens?


The specific installation steps and procedures for installing outdoor LED display screens are as follows:


Step 1: Processing, manufacturing, and fixing the "home" of outdoor LED display screens.


Outdoor LED displays are not installed on the ground. Generally, outdoor LED displays should have a "home" at a high place. Currently, the "home" of outdoor LED displays is made of steel structures, which are the brackets on the back of the display screen. Due to the outdoor LED display screen will be fixed on the bracket for a long time after installation, so the bracket must be strong and firm.


Step 2: Install the outdoor LED display box.


The box of outdoor LED display screen is the main part, or the main body of outdoor LED display screen, which includes a sheet metal box, unit module, switching power supply, power cord, row cable, fixing screws, etc. In a word, after installing the LED display box, it can be said that the outdoor LED display is installed. Because, in general, the outdoor LED display screens we purchase are all manufactured and assembled in good condition, all on their boxes.


Step 3: Power on and debug the outdoor LED display screen.


After installing the outdoor LED display box properly, the rest is to turn on its power supply and start debugging. Only after the debugging is normal can the outdoor LED display installation be said to be smooth.


Step 4: Outdoor LED display screen decoration.


After installation and debugging, the outdoor LED display screen can be said to work normally, but in order to be beautiful, decoration is essential. After all, bare steel brackets and boxes are difficult to call beautiful.


After decoration, the outdoor LED display can be put into use. But what do you need to pay special attention to during the installation process?


What are the precautions during the installation of outdoor LED display screens?


1. Outdoor LED display screens should be equipped with necessary lightning protection devices. Outdoor LED display screens are installed outdoors, and thunderstorm weather is inevitable. In order to ensure their service life, lightning protection measures are very important.


Outdoor LED display screens must have necessary waterproof devices, or LED display screens must undergo special treatment and have waterproof performance. Rainwater is a common hazard during the use of outdoor LED displays. In order to ensure their normal use and service life, waterproof issues must be addressed. Therefore, during the installation process, supporting ventilation and moisture prevention devices and reserved drainage holes should be provided to prevent water from being unable to drain.


3. Outdoor LED display screens should use high brightness light emitting diodes. Because outdoor LED screens are mainly used for business promotion, most are installed in places with broad views and no obstructions, and are exposed to direct sunlight. In order to ensure that LED screens can still maintain remote visibility under strong light irradiation, using high brightness light emitting diodes is a necessary option.


In general, when installing outdoor LED display screens, attention should be paid to waterproof, ventilation, and moisture prevention, as well as lightning protection. Outdoor highlight modules should be selected, and the brackets and frames for fixing the display screen should be firm to prevent the screen from falling off due to bad weather.