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" Your LED display is working excellent and our governments are very satisfied with your screens. " Mr Jorge Gomez Torres, Columbia, AlfaCom SAS, Grou


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VISO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd Produces LED lighting products, LED controller system, LED electronic screen, LED products, lamps, ornaments, electronic products, digital products, communications equipment, research ...
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We have four fully automated production lines, monthly production line capacity over 40000 square meters. Production Equipment and Facilities Brush Pasting Machine DTL 8 SMD Machine SAMSUNG 12 Reflow Soldering Machine LY...
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Quality Management and Assurance: 1. High quality is the life, Viso is confident in the superior quality of products being the most effective salesman. 2. Viso has advanced production management and LED display R & D ...
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Address : Shenzhen VISO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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