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Latest Company Case About Digital LED Stair Screen Wall
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Digital LED Stair Screen Wall

 Latest company case about Digital LED Stair Screen Wall

AlisenLED’s latest Digital LED Stair Screen Video Wall was installed at shopping mall .
Digital LED Stair screen is the process of displaying art in a digital manner in a technologically created format. In this case digitally generated content was displayed.
This LED Stair Screen was consisted of a total of 3560modular LED cabinets each measuring 600mm x 300mm .
The installation featured AlisenLED new customised IC chip which enables high refresh rates (up to 3840hz on this project’s configuration) as well as excellent colour reproduction and high levels of greyscale. These all work together to create an amazing visual experience.

The overall resolution of 4352 pixels by 1872 pixels required a Nova MCTRL4k LED processor set to a custom output that displayed pixel for pixel the custom digital led Stair screen

AlisenLED Company have been involved in a number of digital LED stair screen installations having previously worked on projects to Austrilia.

The 2.5mm LED display was installed during July 2021 over the space of just 6 days .